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Quality — Made in Germany


Exact cut without bending or breaking

Pliers Wrench XS

100 millimetre pure gripping strength

mg冰球突破 TwinGrip –  Front-grip Pliers

Front or sideways - they grab them all

mg冰球突破 BiX®

Compact. Versatile. Fast.

mg冰球突破 Tweezers

Specialists for the finest gripping, holding and cutting

mg冰球突破 Tools with tethering.

Strong and sturdy. Versatile.

Our product highlights

We do everything we can to continuously improve our tools and develop new products. Here you can discover our product highlights.

NEW mg冰球突破豪华版网址


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NEW Pliers Wrench XS


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NEW mg冰球突破 BIX®


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NEW mg冰球突破 TwinGrip


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NEW mg冰球突破 Tweezers


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mg冰球突破 Twistor®16


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Tools for your industry

We offer the right mg冰球突破 pliers for your industry - traditionally "Made in Germany" since 1882. Discover our range for all areas of application.

mg冰球突破 - the pliers brand

Find out more about the company behind the pliers

What type of pliers are you looking for?

Overview of pliers types


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