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Cable connectors from mg冰球突破

Where are cable connectors used?

Cable connectors are used at cable ends or between two elements and serve to build a secure connection. They can be found in a wide variety of applications: on cables both in the automotive industry and, 当然, in the electrical and 电子产品 sector, as well as in industry, agriculture and sanitation.

Cable connectors are indispensable in assortments of cable accessories because cables can be defective at single points and must then be patched together using butt connectors, 绝缘与否.


But even in new systems, it is often necessary to attach the necessary connections to cables. The appropriate cable connectors are then required for the various connections.

What types of cable connectors are there?

There are also special connectors for different areas of application and different types of cables. These are listed below with a brief explanation:


They are used to bundle flexible cables and are mainly found in control cabinets, but also in many household appliances.


This type of connector is essential for the technology of satellite and cable television.

Insulated terminals:

Thanks to their insulation, these terminals offer additional protection during use. The size of the terminal can be recognized by the color of the plastic insulation. Insulated terminals are mainly used in house building for electrical installation technology to connect cables by screwing or plugging.


These uninsulated connectors are used to connect two separate cable ends together.

Uninsulated terminals:

Uninsulated terminals, like their insulated siblings, are used in electrical installation technology. They are used for connections made by screwing or plugging.


Uninsulated plug connectors:

These connectors are very common in the automotive industry, but also in ordinary household appliances. They are also an indispensable component in the finer technology, which includes webcams, 调制解调器, computers and test equipment.